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Originally Posted by Cheesesteak View Post
The size of our population and the number of guns we have is irrelevant to the task of banning guns. The reason we can't ban guns is that too many people don't want us to ban guns. If the American People decided to overwhelmingly support the concept of banning certain guns, they'd be banned and it would be surprisingly easy to manage.
1. A lot of other countries have banned guns and had more success with it but they did not have nearly as many guns and not nearly a strong gun culture. With almost 400 millions guns in the US, there is simply no way to get rid of them all. And those are the just the currently existing ones.

2. If the war on drugs and prohibition has shown us anything it is that (at least in the US) if people really want something, they will get it. If someone wants a gun, they can get a gun.

Does this mean that enacting strong gun bans will not do anything at all? No, I agree some gun violence will go down, no doubt. But I think it will be far short of what gun control fans think it will. If anything I think the real payoff may be in the following decades. As 80-100 years go by, the numbers of guns will steadily decrease (Of course that has big assumptions that 3D printing will not completely turn gun control on its head).