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Originally Posted by RickJay View Post
Injuries have been a part of more playoffs in more sports than one can count. No one's fully healthy at season's end.
So if Kawhi Leonard, Marc Gasol, and Fred VanFleet had gone down to injuries and the Warriors had won, we wouldn't be talking about how injuries were a factor for the Raptors? Sure, nobody's healthy at the end, but we're talking about two of their three best players going down to injuries. That's a factor. It just is.

Originally Posted by RickJay View Post
As you said, no one will remember. Do you remember the injuries that affected the 1967 World Series? Super Bowl XI? The '96 Stanley Cup Finals? Neither does anyone else.
I don't care whether anyone remembers - I'm just talking about it because injuries clearly did factor in this series. None of that takes away Toronto's championship or their accomplishments over the course of a season.