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Iím not the biggest basketball fan but was glued to the TV during the playoffs and was thrilled to see the Raptors win their first title.

The Warriors injuries were a factor and I hope the players recover quickly and well. There were lots of plays for both teams that could have been executed better and a few missed calls that might have made a difference. Like any sport or game.

Given that most of the Raptors stalwarts were far from being top lottery picks, it was remarkable that when the Raptors needed a boost it could have come from so many different players. And while Leonard is indisputably the heart of the team, I thought Van Vleet a major factor despite a very difficult defensive assignment - when Curry is playing well he is extremely impressive.

And when the Raptors made some unusual trades, I wondered what they were thinking. Clearly they had an unusual understanding of what they needed and where they wanted to be. Still, the Raptors got a bit lucky to make it out of the second round.
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