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In case anyone wants to know my thoughts (and I know you don't ), I think the Raptors would have won in 7 games if Klay Thompson had been healthy. The Warriors would have won game 6 but the Raps would have found a way to squeak out game 7 at home, possibly in an OT thriller. Another reason why Thompson's injury sucked. I think the Raptors were as good as the 2016 Cavs, and they could have beaten the Warriors minus Durant.

However, if the Warriors had been at full strength, I think the W's would have won in 6 or 7. The Raps would have won the first 2 of 3, just like they did. But Kerr and the Warriors would have figured it out and out-schemed the Raps in a tough, hard-fought 7 game series.