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So, as Ringleader, it falls on me to decide where the club is going. First, I arbitrarily renamed the club the Galaxy Exiles. And then I got online and found some local library meeting rooms we can meet in. Can't reserve a library meeting for months on end, only two months ahead; so there'll be some months where we miss the deadline and have to scramble to find somewhere to meet. But we'll cope; the club will go on.

But Sci-Fan, the annual contest, is dead, I'm afraid. To hold a contest, you need money (for prizes and perhaps to rent a hall), and the current structure of the club isn't suited to handling money: No dues, no formal structure (Hell, I wasn't even elected; Mike tagged me for the Ringleader position when the previous one moved away).

But there are other things we can do to keep the flame alive. Seattle IPMS holds a big contest every spring; we can inundate the (few) sci-fi categories with entries, and I think I'll sponsor a couple sci-fi oriented special awards. Right offhand, I'm thinking "Best Big Walkie Thingie" and "Best Cheerful Fantasy Figure".