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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
Q: why are 1st-round picks considered much less precious in the NBA than NFL? In the NFL they are treated like a prized golden commodity (can't recall ever hearing of one player being traded in the NFL for 3 first-round draft picks), whereas in the NBA they're thrown about like nothing.

It's like an NBA 1st-round pick is only worth an NFL second-rounder or third-rounder.
I think it's more that a truly elite basketball superstar has more impact on a team than a football superstar does, and so is worth more in draft picks. JJ Watt or Odell Beckham Jr aren't by themselves going to turn your middling to pretty good team into a championship contender. Kawhi Leonard evidently will, though.

The only exception to this would be elite quarterbacks in their prime, but they aren't ever traded. How many 1st round picks do you think a team would have given up for Brady or Manning in their primes? More than 3, I guarantee you.