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Originally Posted by Acsenray View Post
Yeah, I know you can roll your eyes and walk away because you donít actually have face accountability.

Itís just soooo convenient how all these so-called immutable laws of commerce or art or whatever just happen to support the status quo hierarchy.

I saw how some folks squealed bloody murder when a non-white actor was cast as M.J. in a Spider-Man movie (ďMary Jane is a red-head! Period!Ē). That movie was pretty successful.

Then I saw people squealing when Miles Morales was written as a new Spider-Man. (Itís just politically correct pandering.). Well that made to the big screen itís all kinds of Spider-people and it wa successful too.

I donít think there any reason to take the word of people who just know what the public will accept when it comes to race and casting.
Only people I saw bitching about Miles were plebs who didn't understand it was an Ultimate universe replacement. Not difficult to understand either since the media (go figure) ran with "Peter Parker is dead!!!" as their lead....and then would bury that it was the Ultimate one.