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Recently I learned that Bette Midler was originally chosen for "Sister Act" instead of Whoopie Goldberg. Midler turned down the role because she didn't think her fans wanted to see her dressed like a nun.

Now, one could easily argue that Midler was the logical choice for that role. She's got the pipes and the acting chops, and she was a bigger star than Whoopie back in 1992. Plus, she is white. You can't go wrong with white! And yeah, the nun that inspired the whole thing is white too.

I don't know about you, but I can't imagine anyone but Whoopie playing that role. And despite the fact the character was originally written with a white actress in mind, the Broadway production of "Sister Act" now only casts black women to play the part.

So people who insist that the market must be catered to at all costs, just remember that the market is much more open-minded than is often assumed. People will watch a movie if the material is good enough. And even more will watch if there are big enough names in it. It doesn't matter if one or two of the "big names" don't have the right shade of skin color some unimaginative fanboy was expecting. Why? Because most people don't read the source material in the first place. So they don't have any expectations.