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Originally Posted by Ellis Dee View Post
Of course, though I don't see how "or feminists" is relevant. The key is whether or not the group includes people you could want to fuck. Are you implying it doesn't?
That's not what you said, though. There are plenty of times I'm hanging out in a mixed-gender group where I'm not attracted to any of the other people in the group. Does that fit in your "men only" category, or in your mixed gender category? If that's the key, it doesn't fit the lock well.
I don't see how your anecdotal experience is relevant; I'm not saying that ALL men-only groups are the same.
Then I'm very confused by what you meant when you said the difference was "inherent." I though you were saying the difference was in ALL groups.
And then you freely concede my point in your next paragraph, though you seem to be implying it's all socialization.
Wow. Nope, not at all what I was saying. Again: there are actual historical gender-segregated groups. If I make a movie about a nunnery, but I hire men to play half of the nuns, and they present as men in the film, it's going to confuse people--not because there's some inherent difference in the dynamic of a mixed gender group, but because what are all those dudes doing in a nunnery?