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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
And yeah, maybe you can explain it. Maybe your version of 1930s Metropolis has some other group being marginalized instead of blacks. Maybe it's a utopian vision of what Metropolis should have looked like, where everyone is accepted.
Originally Posted by BeagleJesus View Post
Yes you imagined it, complete with racism and bigotry. Can you imagine it without those things is the point I have been trying to make. Can you just pretend it doesn't exist and has never existed in any way, shape or form? Yes, even back in the 30s.
He literally listed two scenarios in the post you're angry about, one in which Metropolis doesn't have bigotry, and the other in which Metropolis has something other that white-black bigotry. You really seem to be arguing with something that isn't actually in the thread.