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Originally Posted by Unpronounceable View Post
IIRC, the official stance was: dead is dead, but being reduced to 0 hp is just being KO'd, which can be recovered from.
This and "death is only real in cutscenes".

Cutscenes show events; battle scenes are, to varying extents, abstractions of combat, with "health" being a measure of multiple factors that contribute to being in combat-capable condition, rather than just how close to death you are. This is also why bullets (which generally do minor damage in combat in this kind of game) can be one-shot kills in cutscenes: someone is actually getting full-on shot in the face, and not just grazed, narrowly avoiding it, being forced out of position or into diving for cover, or whatever other event that damage abstraction represents.

Similarly (and earlier in the series), you have Palom and Porom. They transformed themselves in a cutscene, and could not be cured. The transformation really happened, and they fully transformed because they did it willingly, and thus were not fighting it. In-combat petrification effects incapacitate the victim, but they are implied (by contrast with Palom and Porom) to be fighting the effect, holding it off until a cure can be applied. The insta-stone effect in combat is an abstraction showing that the affliction is preventing them from engaging further.

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