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In the comic, Lucifer finally left hell (permanently) because he had finally just had it. He got sick of lording it over demons (manipulating them was fun at first, but what's the point?), and tired of being accused of being somehow responsible for the sins and failures of mortals. Also he said that if he was in hell as a punishment for rebelling, not only had he long since finished paying for it, but he had come to realize that his rebellion, far from being in defiance of God, was actually yet another instance of being manipulated into fulfilling part of God's master plan.

As for the other questions, he says that if it hadn't been him, some other angel would have rebelled. Hell was where he and his comrades fell into when they were kicked out of the Silver City (so presumably it was already there...) After he fucks off (first to Perth, then Los Angeles), eventually a couple of other angels (Remiel and Duma) get stuck with the job.

Here's a question: why was Asherah (or whatever her name was) in hell at the end of Season 1? Did the writers ever attempt to explain it?