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I knew Tulsi Gabbard only by name before reading this thread. What I learned about her here is deeply disturbing.

Originally Posted by DJ Motorbike View Post
What's the nature of your objection here? I gather that Modi is a supporter of Hindu identity for India. What's the problem with that? Are you worried about Sikh genocide?

Do you similarly object to the fact that Israeli & American governmental leaders (Chuck Schumer being one for example) support Israel strongly as a jewish nation? There are a lot of Congressmen on both sides of the isle who are enthusiastically Zionist.
India is constitutionally a secular democratic republic. India is an ethnically and religiously diverse country, arguably more diverse than the entirety of Europe. Hindutva is a betrayal of those values. It's no different than a right-wing American politician wanting to celebrate the "Christian identity" of the United States. Hindutva is virulently anti-Muslim, which is a problem in a country with the world's third largest Muslim population.

By the way, I am an Indian-American and a Hindu.

Modi and the BJP are a vile, racist, bigoted, nationalistic and authoritarian movement. Modi has been in power longer than Trump, but he's picked up a lot of Trumpist propaganda tactics.

Just on that basis, I would disqualify Tulsi Gabbard from any position of responsibility, and definitely not as a standard-bearer for the American left.

Iskcon—better known as the "Hare Krishnas"—is an authoritarian cult. I'd never trust someone from that community or an offshoot for public responsibility. They don't consider themselves Hindu, and many Hindus reject them as well.

But even without her connections to the BJP and Iskcon, Gabbard's own statements about religion and sexuality in America are vile and ought to be firmly rejected by the Democratic Party.

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