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Originally Posted by Sherrerd View Post
Please be specific: what are the mechanisms by which you expect public opinion to be changed? What will be different about the hearings to be held when Congress reconvenes, if there is a big "IMPEACHMENT" banner behind the committee members, or if (instead) there is no big brouhaha made about this being impeachment?
See below. And, the difference in what you say above is that in addition to a banner, there will be an actual impeachment trial.

Originally Posted by Sherrerd View Post
The implicit assumption--which is quite false--is along the lines: nearly all American voters are like us in following political matters on a daily basis. The corollary is: therefore nearly all American voters have already decided whether Donald Trump is dangerously unfit, or is, instead, The Dear Leader--the best President ever.
I have no clue who this potential straw man is addressed to. Perhaps it isn't one, and you can point to who specifically believes this and has stated it here. As for me, I, an American voter, do not believe that all voters are like "us". And I would bet there are large numbers who don't fit into your convenient categories. But most important, I will say this: Trump's poll numbers have been up, and Trump's poll numbers have been down. Presumably they changed due to things that Trump has said and done. Therefore, if there are things that Trump did that lots of voters don't know about that would be more fully publicized in an impeachment trial, such as specific, detailed explanations of possible instances of obstruction of justice, it stands to reason that this could hurt Trump in the election. This is by no means guaranteed, but it is a possibility.

There are people on both sides of this discussion. Is it too much to ask from those of you who don't think an impeachment trial will hurt Trump to at least acknowledge the possibility that it could, instead of stating with such surety that there's no way that would happen?