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Originally Posted by Bijou Drains View Post
Gabbard has a white mother and her father is half European and half Samoan. I guess she is 3/4 white. I also don't recall anyone calling her a person of color.
Obama also had a white mother. Tulsi and Obama both grew up in the same place - Hawaii, where cultural diversity is more the norm. In terns of racial background, the only difference between the first black President and Tulsi, who you don't recall anyone calling a person of color is 1/4 ancestry or less.

Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi View Post
That would be bad for other reasons. Putting your thumb on the scale like that is bad juju. I think Cory will probably get there under his own steam. As will Gabbard and Yang.

We can't have affirmative action elections.
Is this for the December debates? Yang and Tulsi have 3 out of 4 qualifying polls each. They each have only one more poll to qualify. Booker has zero qualifying polls out of 4. He would need 4 qualifying polls in the next week to qualify. That would be an amazing feat, possible but there would need to be 4 polls that upticked for him in a short time. December debate qualifying spreadsheet put out by Politico writers.