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Unannounced presidential hopefuls are running out of time:
Here’s the list of deadlines through the end of the year, with one caveat: In a handful of states, the political parties set their own filing deadlines, and those dates may not be included in this list.

Alabama: Nov. 8

Arkansas: Nov. 11

New Hampshire: Nov. 15

California: Nov. 26

Florida: Nov. 30*

*This is the deadline for state parties to submit their candidate lists to the secretary of state. The deadline for candidates to file with the party is up to party officials.

Tennessee: Dec. 3

Oklahoma: Dec. 4

Arizona: Dec. 9

Colorado: Dec. 9

Idaho: Dec. 11

Louisiana: Dec. 11

Virginia: Dec. 12

Michigan: Dec. 13

Vermont: Dec. 16

Ohio: Dec. 18

Missouri: Dec. 24

North Carolina: Dec. 27

One more detail: Because Iowa holds caucuses, not a primary with a standardized ballot, it has no filing deadline.

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