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Originally Posted by puzzlegal View Post
I doubt many people think, "how is the economy? Good? Okay, I'll vote to keep the current guy." But I think that people who are out of work, or otherwise have some hardship related to how the country is doing are more likely to be seeking a change, and vote against incumbents. And when the economy is bad, there are a lot more of those people.
This sounds true. The better daily life is, the less one tends to think about politics. And the worse daily life is, the more tempting it is to look anyplace but in the mirror for someone to blame. Personally I consider the economy a little bit, but place more weight on other issues like how do we seem to be faring with foreign policy--are we making lots of corpses for no good reason; does the country seem to have a direction domestically; how does it feel to be an American; that sort of fluff. But if you focus primarily on the economy, then you're willing to allow all sorts of shenanigans as long as you're getting money. That's not who I want to be.