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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
And if the second results in another vote for leave, should we have a third? A fourth? Dammit, we'll keep them voting until they give the answer we want!
You keep rehashing these same nonsensical talking points thread after thread, and we keep on explaining how you're wrong, but somehow it never sticks.

I recommend anyone curious about the talking points brought up here to read this thread. Or at least a few posts from pages 6 and 7. There's really no point in going over them again; suffice it to say that anyone who thinks we should be unwilling to readjucate political decisions two years later before they were actually implemented must have a very dim view of the house of representatives, where the 2016 mandate to repeal and replace Obamacare was never achieved, but nontheless in 2018 the party who promised it was swept out of office.

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