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Originally Posted by Ramira View Post
Oh yes

It is eaxtly you were promised a Simple Magical Suspension Bridge that would only cost you very little money to cross the ocean.

Very simple, you just have to declare it...
In fairness to people who voted to exit 2 1/2 years ago, I don't think anyone was predicting that Conservative Party infighting would be this bad.

I remember a discussion before the vote where I conceded that a well executed Brexit would be worthwhile.* However I wasn't conceding that the government would actually be able to carry out a good Brexit against the opposition of the EU Commission. But I had no concept that the government would be as calamitous as it's been.

*I still thought the cost of Brexit wouldn't be worth the benefits because of the loss mutual regulation recognition, the loss of win-win collaborations such as the European Medical Agency, and the EU creating regulations to poach business sectors such as euro clearing.