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That discussion about holding the Referendum was within the Conservative Party and its significance was understated. It was, after all, legally only advice to the government. That was then transformed after the vote into a powerful political imperative.

I am sure if it was anticipated that that it would be proclaimed with gusto as 'unarguable democratic will of the people' and effectively hand the driving wheel over the Eurosceptic wing of the Conservative Party. Cameron should have taken care to ensure that the vote required at least a supermajority or for it to require a confirmation vote on the deal negotiated.

The Europsceptics have undermined every Conservative leader since Thatcher and Cameron was vulnerable with a small majority and UKIP trying to lure Conservative MPs to their cause. The internal politics of the Conservative party drove the Referendum. Was the EU high on the voters wish list of issues? The public cared little for questions about Europe. It was way down the list of concerns. Voters were more interested in the Education, NHS, the economy, environment.....The usual things that have been eclipsed by the never ending Brexit debate.

Most voters don't even now realise the Mays Deal or no Deal is not the end of Brexit, it is only the terms under which the UK will leave. They are unprepared for what follows, which will be many years of bargaining with the EU over the terms of trade. To say nothing of desperately trying to negotiate with forty or so countries around the world trade deals to replace those handled by the EU.

There is a good deal of exhaustion about the endless coverage about Brexit in the news in the UK. The political journalists love it and I am sure the politicians enjoy the drama. Well, at least the will until they actually have to pick up the monumental workload that will be required to keep the economy stable once this dam breaks.

I can see this Referendum device being used to great effect by Corbyn, if he ever gets elected. Posing a series of questions that invite voters to endorse a radical programme of socialist reforms in the UK would enable that mantra 'the democratic will of the people' to be used to justify anything. A Labour Corbyn government could easily be as damaging to the economy as Brexit. He and is faction are very far to the Left of British politics, it will be back to the radicalism of the 1970s. The political choices in the UK seem to be between two parties that are both dangerously misguided and can do great damage to the countries prospects. They are now so divided internally they are both beginning to fall apart.

Referendums in the UK have been used as a political device in a wholly irresponsible manner. The only one where there was actually a constructive national debate was the Scottish referendum. Other countries do them properly.

Such a mess.