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It's very sad to see the Leave fanatics (like Quartz) try to 'analyse' the situation.

Their only point is "We had a referendum and the result to Leave must apply for all eternity."

Of course the Referendum was badly flawed. It should have said:

Which of these options do you prefer?:

- Hard Brexit (no agreement on anything)
- Norwegian relationship with the EU
- Canadian relationship with the EU
- negotiated relationship with the EU
- Remain

The Leave camp focused on three things:

- there would be a massive invasion of Turks unless we leave (Lie; Turkey is not even a member of the EU)
- the NHS would get $350 million extra per week (Lie; we would lose a massive amount of money by leaving)
- "Take back control" (a meaningless slogan based on prejudice.)

Leaving will cause very difficult trade problems on the Irish border (where one country is in the EU and the other isn't. We could even see the resumption of terrorism...)

Sadly we have no political leaders of any quality.
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