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Originally Posted by kunilou View Post
It was a little weird that Victor Laszlo was fighting for the Czech resistance, escaped from a Nazi concentration camp, made his way to Paris, reunited with his wife, eluded the Nazis again while they made their escape to Casablanca, and somehow ended up in a gin joint with his wife's ex-boyfriend, who happened to have just the thing the couple needed to get to a free country where they could continue La Resistance.


Funny you mention that--my wife rented that movie this weekend. I don't hate it, but I would call it one of the most overrated movies ever. It's just okay.

Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
It was fine.

As someone who expected that the result of Kelly's coming back with foreknowledge would be Kaylon supremacy, I'm a bit surprised they played it as Kelly not even having tried to warn the Union about the Kaylon's plans, Cassandra-like.

Oh crap, I didn't even think of that! As someone who has been heavily criticizing the plot holes on DISCO, I have to be consistent and do it here as well, even though I much prefer this show overall.

Originally Posted by Ellis Dee View Post
Did young Kelly know about the Kaylons? Seems like most of that episode was focused on her and her relationship to Ed. They wouldn't have briefed her, of course, because they intended to wipe her memory.

Did the Kaylons appear last episode?

I hadn't remembered their conversation about all the specifics, which kunilou nicely keyed in on, but I did recall that "young Kelly" was the one who saved them from getting destroyed by Kaylon ships thanks to her seeing the ice in Ed's glass and coming up with the plan to encase the Orville in ice.
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