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No, they're definitely dead. There's no way the film makers would use the exact same disintegration effect if we're meant to understand that Tony's just putting them back in the past. That would just be spectacularly inept film making.
Well, it's a better dramatic effect if it looks like the good guys got back tit-for-tat what Thanos did in the first movie. But since these guys travelled forward from 2014, and have been engaged in activity after that point that led to the current battle, there's a serious causality problem. Not to mention Nebula "killing" her past self.

Also, again, time paradoxes are specifically described as impossible in this film's time travel model. You go back in time and try to change things, you don't alter the time you came from, you just create an alternative timeline.
That's what the Ancient One said would happen IF the stones weren't returned to whence they were stolen from. But Hulk promised to do it, and Cap did it, so there should be only the one timeline.

That's the entire reason the Avenger's plan was, "Go back in time and get the stones, use them to undo the Snap," and not, "Go back in time and strangle Thanos as a baby so the Snap never happens." The latter wouldn't change anything in their universe.
No, the latter couldn't happen because it would create a paradox. They understood the danger or impossibility of undoing events that led to their present situation.

Also, as noted, Tony Stark is absolutely willing to kill. Practically the first thing he does when he builds his first Iron Man suit is hose down a bunch of terrorists with napalm.
As noted in my prior post, he doesn't like doing it, it troubles him greatly. With the ability to snap any conclusion he wants (even aside from my second point - he knows that paradox would be a bad thing), he would not knowingly choose the one that kills a zillion folks.