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The Wall of Women totally did it for me and my 16 year old daughter - considering we are the exact demographic that the MCU was reaching out to with that scene, then well done Russo Brothers!

We loved the fact that both Wanda and Carol were not able to be beaten "on their own". For the Scarlet Witch, Thanos had to "rain fire" and kill a bunch of his own troops, and for Captain Marvel he had to punch her with the power stone. They are totally kickass and I loved every second they were on screen. We were anxiously waiting for Carol to show up, and as soon as the ship started firing at an (unknown target) we knew, and there was a celebration in our row (weirdly, the entire row was women, save one Dad near the end).

I also loved the amount of trust The Ancient One has in Dr. Strange, even though she has not even met him yet. She knows, as soon as Bruce (Grey Hulk?) says "Dr. Strange handed it to Thanos" that there was a plan, and it was a good one.

The death of Iron Man was sad, but not unexpected and I was delighted that Cap finally got his life with Peggy. If he hadn't, I would have been PISSED.

The scene that got me crying though was Thor with his Mom. She said exactly what he needed to hear, and I thought about what I would give for five more minutes with my mom.

Excellent movie! Perfect wrap-up, and I can't wait for another Captain Marvel (she is my current fave), or Dr. Strange.