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Originally Posted by cmkeller View Post
Well, it's a better dramatic effect if it looks like the good guys got back tit-for-tat what Thanos did in the first movie. But since these guys travelled forward from 2014, and have been engaged in activity after that point that led to the current battle, there's a serious causality problem. Not to mention Nebula "killing" her past self.
Just from a craft point of view, they established a particular visual effect in Infinity Wars that meant, "this person just disintegrated." If they later use the exact same visual effect, in apparently the exact same situation, only now it means, "This person was just teleported," that's really bad film making.

That's what the Ancient One said would happen IF the stones weren't returned to whence they were stolen from. But Hulk promised to do it, and Cap did it, so there should be only the one timeline.
That's what happens if you make any significant changes to the timeline. Banner had already established this before they went back in time, when he was explaining why they didn't just go back and kill Thanos as a baby. The Ancient One refused to give up the Time Stone, because without the Time Stone, that particular alternate timeline ends with everybody dying, because Doctor Strange doesn't have the Time Stone to beat Dormammu a few years later. Banner offers to return the Time Stone, so that particular timeline (one where Dormammu destroys the Earth) doesn't happen.

That doesn't mean that other alternate timelines weren't created in the movie. There's absolutely a new timeline where Thanos never gets any of the stones, because he traveled to the future and died there. There's a new timeline where Steve Rogers shows up a little after his plane went into the ice, and spends a life time with Peggy. There's a timeline where Loki escaped immediately after the Battle of New York, instead of being imprisoned on Asgard.

No, the latter couldn't happen because it would create a paradox. They understood the danger or impossibility of undoing events that led to their present situation.
There's literally multiple conversations in the movie where they dismiss the problem of paradoxes caused by time travel. They're really super explicit about this.

As noted in my prior post, he doesn't like doing it, it troubles him greatly. With the ability to snap any conclusion he wants (even aside from my second point - he knows that paradox would be a bad thing), he would not knowingly choose the one that kills a zillion folks.
I don't really think that read is supported by how he's been portrayed in any of the movies. He's never showed any qualms about killing people who are actively threatening lives. He got fucked up with PTSD because he almost died himself, and he was having trouble with the responsibility of being the guy responsible for saving the world, but there's never a hint that he's got any fundamental problems with taking lives.