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There were some definite flaws in this. Some seem to be things most agree on; others are divisive (I thought Black Widow's death was lame); and at least one seems to be something most people like: Thor's fat and drunken buffoonery, which my son and I both dissented from said general enjoyment.

But there was lots of good stuff too. I liked their general approach to time travel, and calling out other SF movies that work with a single timeline (which can be entertaining but is incoherent even for time travel logic which is notoriously problematic in general). And it ended strongly, starting with Stark's death and continuing with Steve Rogers (a character I'm normally not that keen on) coming back having relived his life with Peggy. So thanks to recency bias I give this a pretty strong rating overall: B+. I rank it seventh of the 20 MCU films I've seen:

1. Avengers A
Spider-Man: Homecoming A-
Infinity War A-
Iron Man A-
5. Captain Marvel B+
Doctor Strange B+
Endgame B+
Age of Ultron B+
Black Panther B
10. Iron Man 3 B
Civil War B
Ant-Man B-
Ragnarok C+
Guardians C+
15. Ant-Man & The Wasp C+
Incredible Hulk C
Thor C
Winter Soldier C
First Avenger C-
Iron Man 2 D
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