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While an independent Northern Ireland, Scotland or even Wales might well take years to join the EU, I had been working on the assumption that they could (if they were willing to make the effort) join the EEA / EFTA quite quickly, which would be ‘good enough’ for most pro-EU people. Anyone familiar with the detail? This could be Scotland’s destiny in particular.

Completely unrelated - while a no-deal Brexit would have some bad consequences for Ireland north and south, there would be some relatively favourable mitigations. Specifically, at a personal level, any Irish person (and only Irish people) would have full citizen’s rights throughout the EU and the UK. That’s quite a useful right for someone who was interested in working for a multinational company with EU and UK operations. (I suppose in theory Irish citizens could be deprived of their rights in the UK, but it seems unlikely, and the northern Irish couldn’t be treated like this while NI remains in the UK).