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Originally Posted by Novelty Bobble View Post
I think that, in a nutshell, that shows Corbyn's unsuitability for the top job. He has a golden opportunity and by insisting on his own leadership and his lust for glory, he fucks it up completely.

well exactly, a "unity" government needs a unity candidate, something Corbyn could never be (even for his own MP's) Clarke or Harman are infinitely better and more sensible options and if Corbyn cannot see that then he is an idiot (and I do think he is an idiot)
I agree that a unity PM candidate would be best, but if Corbyn puts his foot down, then I think the other Remain parties and factions should acquiesce. A temporary Corbyn-led government for a few weeks or months is surely preferable to the decades-long effects of Brexit. The other Remain parties would need assurances from Corbyn that he wouldn't push any non-Brexit-related agenda while at the controls.