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Originally Posted by Hail Ants View Post
Insurance is only worth it if the item gets lost in transit. I tried making an insurance claim with the USPS once and it was an absolute joke. Like a Three Stooges episode.

Had one with FedEx too. That was a little better. I bought a $1500 camcorder on ebay and it arrived damaged. Problem is, you have to send the package to them, they have to examine it and determine if it was likely their fault, the repair vs replace costs, etc. etc. They told me it could easily take weeks.

I just paid $400 to get it fixed and wrote it off...
That doesn't make sense. Insurance protects the seller not the buyer. If you received damage goods, you make a complaint to Paypal or your credit card and they give you your money back and it's the seller who has to deal with insurance. Unless you paid via cash or money order, and the seller said, "tough luck"