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Originally Posted by control-z View Post
Another vote for needing more memory. Also, I might have missed it, but are you leaving stuff like Firefox running in the background while you game? A browser with a few pages loaded can easily take half a gigabyte of RAM.

Also a reboot is in order.

If you're low in disk space on your system drive that could cause issues.

If your swap file is dynamic and is on a disk with low space that could cause issues. Change swap file to a static size.
Yeah, turns out firefox is a major hog ; remembering to shut it down helped a lot. Although now that another game -Monster Hunter World - is making my machine gasp and pant (for other reasons), it's dawning on me that my setup miiight just be a little bit outdated . Guess I know what to spend some of my massive fortune on soon as I get it - that Nigerian prince should be unlocking the funds any day now.