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Originally Posted by thorny locust View Post
I'm going to nitpick that just a little, Esprise Me, by pointing out that nobody's physically a 10 for everybody; and many people who aren't conventionally attractive are a 10 for somebody.

While many people are attracted to the conventionally attractive -- that's kind of true by definition -- there are significant numbers of people who prefer at least some characteristics not currently defined as "attractive".
It's an oversimplification, sure. But in my experience, the men following these ideas and looking to date 10s aren't looking for women with cute, quirky, pre-rhinoplasty Jennifer Grey noses or classical Rubenesque figures. They may not have even identified precisely what they personally find attractive. They're looking for someone their bros will think is attractive, because that's a status marker. (Insecure douchebags who are into plus-sized women will sometimes cheat on their skinny wives with the women they really lust after, thus giving themselves a convenient excuse NOT to let anyone they know see them with their socially-deemed-ugly-despite-being-beautiful-to-them paramour. They don't brag to other insecure douchebags about how they scored with her.) And sure, it's possible for a conventionally attractive woman to not only fall for an average guy's sparkling personality but to find him physically attractive too. In fact, it's pretty important to the success of the relationship, which is why I included it in the elements of a genuine emotional connection alongside respect and all that other good stuff. It's a common enough scenario that I wouldn't discourage an average-looking guy from hitting on a better- looking girl if he has some reason to believe they'd be good together beyond his physical attraction to her, just because she may be "out of his league." But if your strategy revolves around always walking up to the prettiest girl in the room and trying to convince her to date or sleep with you, then a) you're treating her like a piece of meat, and b) you're going to get shot down a lot. Maybe even 100% of the time. And probably deservedly so.