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Originally Posted by WillFarnaby View Post
No it isn’t. Governments can’t own property legitimately not because they are organizations, but because they acquire property through violent expropriation instead of voluntary exchange or homesteading.
Not always; they can also acquire it due to lack of claimants or, in the case of monarchies, the personal property of a lord (who did not necessarily acquire it through violent means*) becomes the country.

* Very often when there is a mess whomever acts like he knows what to do (that is, the first person to start giving orders that are not completely imbecilic) is instantly In Charge. If that was solved satisfactorily, people start coming to that person for advice. Eventually that's the person who gets people brought to when a traveler says "bring me to your leader". One of the roots of the feudal system was the recognition of people like this; it wasn't always (like people tend to think) conquest or royal appointment.
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