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Originally Posted by Starving Artist View Post
The truth is that many on the right have long felt that the U.S. has spent tons of money keeping EU countries safe from outside aggression, and that without the protective umbrella the U.S. provides, the citizens of these countries would all be living miserable lives under communist dominion.
What outside aggression ? Zee Germans ? And what communists ? You do realize the world has changed a smidge since the 60s, right ?

Many on the right also feel that EU countries benefit enormously from trade with the U.S. and perhaps unfairly so, and that in return for keeping them safe and adding to their prosperity, we get mostly snobbery, condescension, criticism, insults and dislike in return.
Do you ? I didn't know the EU had a Monthly Sneerletter adressed to every citizen of the US, but I'm not particularly close to Brussels.
Also, don't you reckon the US also benefits enormously from trade with the EU ?

There is also the feeling the the U.S. cannot count to any degree on the support of most EU countries in conflicts with other countries.
Oh, piss on that. Everybody came to your help after 9/11. Everybody was pissed off and everybody pulled their weight. Even Denmark had a sector covered in Afghanistan. Fucking Denmark ! I didn't even know they knew what a gun was. Yet here they went getting their nuts blown off in Helmand for your sake.

We didn't support you in Iraq 2, mostly because y'all were being retarded and lied to. Which we tried to tell you (except Tony Blair, who had his tongue so far up Bush's ass crack he could lick the latter's teeth). Maybe we should have and there wouldn't have been an ISIS born of y'alls general incompetence, half-assedness and carelessness ; but that's another (hi)story.

Which other conflicts can you think of the EU or Canada hasn't "properly" supported ?

And of course many Trump supporters disapprove of the liberal nature of most EU countries' societies and politics.
What the fuck do you care what the guy who makes your salami thinks about politics ? Furthermore, you know the only consequence of caring about it ? No salami for you no more. Is that a good thing ?

And then there is the fact that much of the impetus for the creation of the EU in the first place was to create an economic and political entity equal to the U.S. and therefore better able to oppose it economically.
Or maybe, just maybe we did it, at long last, to stop having a world war every 30 years because we kept competing over the same things and kicking sand in each other's faces. Fuck's sake, the idea of uniting Europe and having some sort of transnational parliament was already being floated before there even *was* a U.S.
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I'm not sure how to respond to this, but that's never stopped me before.

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