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Originally Posted by Equipoise View Post
That last one was a fun thread. So, ok, he's very careful about actually coming out and saying it (Hillary killed Vince, or more accurately, Hillary had Vince killed), but if you read between the lines, well...
Yes...if you read between the lines - and you are a biased, unthinking hothead - you might come to that conclusion.

A more calm and reasoned reading of my posts reveals only that I feel many questions have been raised about the Clintons' behavior and character and curiously missing documents, and that they remain unanwered to this day. Among the questions raised by the Clintons' skullduggery is what really happened to Vince Foster. This is not the same as saying that Hillary engineered his murder.

For the record, I have never been of the slightest opinion that Hillary Clinton either killed Vince Foster or had him killed. Further, I would think - knowing my history as you do - that I'd have been trumpeting it to the heavens had I actually believed such a thing. So, so much for your critical thinking abilities, eh?

And thanks, luci. I can only imagine how it must have pained you to come to my defense (such as it was). Still, men of good character and all that . . .