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Originally Posted by Fenris View Post
But it's one thread--if mini-rants are one thread, who gives a damn?

My concern is that there's something like (I didn't count, just estimated) 19/25 top pit threads are unquestionably political.

Seriously G- why not force them into one single "Political rants" thread and give every other topic some breathing room?
As I already said, I think it's good that Mini-Rants at least confines it to one thread. But then you get those who somehow think that their OP isn't "Mini" enough, so to speak, and open a whole new Pit thread, and lameness ensues.

My examples are not far off. Some tool did Pit the sandwich they got for lunch, for the love of OG. Why is that bullshit in the PIT? There's MPSIMS, there's livejournal, and there's STFU. Pick one.

If we add a Political Rants thread, what else would go in the Pit? The weekly pitting of Der Trihs? Between Mini-Rants and Political Rants, there's almost nothing left.