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[3] Now, onto the subject of anti-virus programs. The important thing about anti-virus programs is to only choose ONE of them and let it update itself.
Does the same go for Malware detection programs like Ad-Aware and Search+Destroy? Both protect actively (while browsing), AdAware with Ad-Watch Live, S+D as Resident and with TeaTimer, so it seems they might not work nicely together. MalwareBytes Anti Malware doesn't seem to have an active component, it seems to be a cleanup tool after problems occur (and it seems to work very well!). Specifically, I'm adding Microsoft Security Essentials which also protects against malware, and I already have Ad-Aware running Ad-Watch Live actively.

I like your suggestion about Drive Image XML. When there's a problem and you boot from the external drive, how does the operating system on the original drive get repaired? Data on the original drive (in My Documents and on the desktop) is unchanged?

Originally Posted by Wordy View Post
[4] Now, for the most effective way of preventing unwanted "infections": Changing your habits. On Windows, NEVER EVER RUN AS THE ADMINISTRATOR UNLESS YOU ARE DOING SYSTEM MAINTENANCE. Always run as the limited/standard user. If you don't know what I just said, you are most likely running as the adminstrator with full privileges over your computer and I recommend you get someone to show you how to run as a limited/standard user.
I'm looking at UAC on Windows 7 on a new system. It seems like it allows you to have administrator privileges but to downgrade yourself to a regular unprivileged user (and add user privileges back whenever needed). If I'm running Windows XP on an older machine, is there anything similar I can do about an existing account which already has admin privileges? I hate to do all the work to essentially setup a new account with everything I've done to this account. Can I create a new admin account for use going forward and change the original account to a simple user? Can the original account be changed back to an admin in case it's necessary?