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Originally Posted by misling View Post
If you go with Firefox, make it even safer by using a couple of the security plug-ins. At minimum I'd recommend Adblock Plus and NoScript. Adblock Plus disallows ads (duh). NoScript prevents pages from running scripts, and also prevents popups. With NoScript you have to give permission to the sites for which you want to allow scripts/popups, such as your banking sites, but it's totally worth it.
Excellent advice. Noscript will default to disallow scripts universally so you will have to permit (either temp or permanently) them for each site you visit. But it only has to be done once for sites that you trust and it is easy to do from a rt click context menu.

I would also recommend

1. flasblock - prevents flash from loading automatically
2. lastpass - stores your passwords securely and logs you in to sites while bypassing the keyboard and thus defeating key loggers.
3. Ghostery - identifies 3rd part web bugs on a page
4. xmarks - sync bookmarks across multiple machines.

Another important safety measure is to set your email client - whether it's run on your computer (eg, outlook) or is a web client (eg, gmail, yahoo) so that it does not automatically dl and display images. These are used to see if you have opened the email and can also be an entry point for phishing exploits and even malware.