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Originally Posted by chrisk View Post
Unfortunately true. That's the way capitalism works. The benefits of having robots in the factories don't go to the workers who used to slave away in the factories, or even to the remaining workers who can't be robot-replaced yet. The benefits go to the rich man who paid for the robots.
But there's got to be a tipping point eventually where everyone's put out of work and no one therefore has money to buy the products the robots make. Then the rich guy who paid for the robots isn't so rich any more. Or he is (because his robots can make anything his heart desires), but the unemployed masses start rioting outside his mansion. Or the government says "this is ridiculous, you can't just hoard these tools that could provide unlimited prosperity" and nationalises the robot factories just like happened to banana plantations after leftist revolutions in Latin America. When inequality gets too extreme, the social fabric must give way, either peacefully or otherwise.