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As of last week I am 100% out of the closet. I've been out socially, to friends, family, neighbors, etc. for a long time and it has all been absolutely seamless. Work was the only last hangup.

Work has not only been fantastic, they are bending over backwards to help me and do things for me, and my latest meeting with HR repeated the theme of "you are one of our star performers, you have a perfect record of 20 years, everyone respects your knowledge, you're our best corporate teacher and your Professorship brings great PR to the company...what can we do to make you happy and comfortable so we will not lose you? Just tell us what you would like, and we will do it!" They assigned me an HR advocate and gave me her 800-number to call in case any co-worker, contractor, or client makes me feel uncomfortable or harasses me - summing up last week's meeting, "we will protect you, Una. You don't need to worry about anything," she said.

I never imagined my workplace would be so progressive about this; I was all ready to take early retirement (I'm only 44) when I went to them last week. All my co-workers are happy, my boss and VP are happy, all the people who work under me are happy, and today I came into work to find an inspirational card on my desk, signed by all the secretaries on my floor. It was so sweet it gave me goosebumps and sniffles.