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Originally Posted by madmonk28 View Post
I'm surprised that I'm the first to post this, but apparently the New Orleans detectives responsible for investigating sexual assault, didn't conduct any follow up investigation for 86% of the cases reported to them.
And I keep scratching my head.

If these 5 Detectives were lazy/incompetent, so much so that they could couldn't be arsed to do the most basic of investigatory tasks, why the FUCK WOULD YOU PUT THEM UNIFORM AND HAVE THEM PATROL THE STREETS??????

A Saratoga County sheriff's sergeant was suspended after a video posted on the Internet Friday captured him allegedly slapping a young man as the deputy insisted on searching his vehicle, which had a rifle on the back seat.
I'm outraged, both by the behavior and by the use of the word 'allegedly'. If there is video of him slapping the kid, then he is not allegedly slapping the kid. If you can see the slap, then there is proof that slap occurred. Grow some balls.