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My boyfriend is at it again with infecting his computer. I don't really want to start a whole new thread about it, I just have a couple questions.

I just want to know if anyone has heard of a browser hijacker or virus that displays an eyeball in the search bar. Googling has only found something called Eye Perform which sounds suspicious but I'm not sure if it's what he's seeing.

Also, has anyone used something called Spyware Blaster? My googling for an answer came up with a page that recommended it for preventing infections. It has a decent rating on C-net and I am hoping it might help keep him from getting re-infected but his problem is he falls for stupid stuff and clicks on it and even most antivirus programs can't protect you when you agree to install crap.

Or do you have any other recommendations for something to prevent infections? For the record he had AVG installed and ad block plus installed in firefox, neither prevented him getting infected and whatever it is disabled them.