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Down on the mountain I used everything & put it on a chunk of roofing metal:
Sunflower seeds, dry dog & cat food small or large doggie bones depending on what I had, deer corn, table scraps, water bowl.

I think the raccoons used the water bowl for food cleaning more than any drinking by other critters.

Coyotes do dog food really well, they don't have to chase & kill it. LOL Also love sunflower seeds.

I am sure there was other stuff on occasion but I forget.

I did put some hay down when really cold for the critters to have a dry place to stand or rest and the deer would also eat some of it. 1/4 bale would make a nice area and last pretty good.

Not really a big investment compared to the fun I was having.

What started all this was one evening the wife & I were sitting on the front porch talking a few weeks after we saw a big fox out the computer room window. so, there suddenly was a fox sitting about 50 feet away that just appeared. We kept talking and tried to not look directly at it. Soon another appeared. They stayed until it was getting dark and they suddenly disappeared. This happened several more times and I put some sunflower seed & dry cat food in little dishes as a test. They came back, the birds also liked it but we had many bird feeders so ground feeding was new, except in the snow I would also ground feed.

Anyway, I looked at trail cameras because trying to move around for camera shots was not getting it.

Rest is history.

I have a picture of one of our cats laying about 10 feet from fox just watching them eat and not seeming to care that he was there.

Reminds me, need to go dump water from deer pan and check camera.

Rained here. Will try to gather some good pictures from over the years for viewing.....

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