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Ah, construction stuff. The sound of progress I say. It's always temporary. There's elevated train trackwork going on in my neighborhood right now. From 9pm to 4am. Why? Because it's the Purple Line and that line doesn't run at night, so why not do the work when no commuters will be impacted? Oh, the whining by neighbors on Everyblock! It's the end of their whole life! Yes, they use airhorns, they have to because while they're working on the north and south bound tracks for one train line, the other one, the Red Line, runs all night. So they're working on tracks that are immediately next to tracks that have trains running on them - electric trains - with a live third rail. No missteps allowed, they can't be surprised, and the only safest warning system for oncoming trains is air horns.

Suck it up, all you little buttercups. It's for 6 weeks and isn't every night. Jeez. Earplugs, white noise, you really can deal with it.

On to workplace... Sheesh, it's not worth explaining, but non-handy people should just admit defeat before trying, before they make it worse. Plus, when you make sure things can be handled electronically and then find out they're using paper forms instead because reasons. Not smart reasons, either. Gah!