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I'll admit upfront that everything in the post is minor and petty, but it all adds up.

I was sleeping really hard when my alarm went off this morning (at 2:45 am). So I was a little tired and grumpy when I left the house.

It was COLD out-- temps have been warm enough to make a fleece jacket plenty, so I didn't think about warmer clothes or a hat or gloves.

It was also Foggy.

And then I discovered that the stuff on my windows was Frost (and not just moisture).

Not happy.

It scraped off pretty good, I drove to work, and then couldn't get into the building (I work retail--the store is closed overnight, but there's almost always someone inside). It was too cold to wait as long as it took to get someone's attention. But I wasn't actually late by the timeclock.

I then went and collected my pile of price tags for the day, and there were TOO MANY.

TOO MANY means that I did not finish hanging the whole pile by the end of my shift.

I hung all the important ones, though.

I was also irked by the late discovery that I could have worn red, white and blue rather than my uniform today ( I wish they'd publicize these things better, and more consistently, and further in advance. And not have "fun" days quite so often).

And . . . well, it wasn't a horrible day, really, just irksome in a bunch of minor ways.