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Attention, Monday: bite me.

It was bad enough going to work on something like three hours of sleep, with school also on the agenda tonight. I did NOT need to have multiple problems/dramas in a few minutes' time.

To the various parties:

S, lose the 'tude, bitch. NOW. Refusing instructions from leads because you will only listen to a supervisor is NOT accepted behavior where we work. Oh, and please do find a working gear that involves actual motion.

M, you might want to think about some sort of meds, guy. Really. Riding your mood coaster is rough on the rest of us, too. Yes, we get jerk customers. It's the nature of retail. The matter got handled, grandboss assured me she's fine with our side of it, quit agonizing about how boss will feel about it tomorrow (he had the day off today). If grandboss is OK with the situation, boss probably won't say a word about it, and he's not someone who will fail to communicate if he thinks we have an issue to work out. Yes, I know losing your phone is a bad thing, but whimpering so hard about it was a pain for all. And please stop slamming your hands between hard objects. You may be a trial to our patience, but none of us really WANT you to be harmed.

Oh, and jerk customer who decided that being part of a group that were ALL being asked to let us park the [bleep] carts before you swarm like hungry piranhas was some horrible act of discrimination against you worthy of huge public tantrum that had other customers complaining to managers about YOU, [bleep] off. We could do without your pushiness, your attitude, your grabbiness (including the time you helped yourself to an item out of another customer's cart), and your odor. It really wouldn't kill you to bathe and do laundry more often than once a week (if we're lucky).

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