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A while back I ranted on here about my boss leaving. I like him and I was worried about who they'd bring in to replace him. Boss 2.0 has been here about three weeks now and I have to say so far so good. She's a little "cheerleader-y" for me sometimes, a real rah-rah sort and that kind of annoys me sometimes but I can usually tune it out. She brings snacks and tells funny stories and we have some hobbies in common that we can talk about.

So what's the problem you ask?

I usually get to work early so I can get some work done in peace. I can always tell when boss-lady shows up because I can smell her perfume from my desk. She sits probably fifteen feet from me and my back is to her desk. Yesterday morning I caught a whiff of her and called out "Good morning!" without turning around. I don't know if she figured out how I knew she was there or not. I guess at least she can't sneak up on me...