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Originally Posted by Grumman View Post
The charges are rotten as hell... then I have no doubt that this investigation into what appears to be a couple of consensual sexual relationships
No, the charges are rape, not some weird concoted thing that's hard to comprehend. If there's really nothing to the charges, then he should have responded to the prosecutor instead of fleeing the country. Calling a rape a 'consensual sexual relationship' is common among rape apologists, but ignoring the victim's description of the relationship isn't exactly a valid line of argument.

I don't get what the US even has to do with it - his extradition would be to Sweeden, who's shown no interest in sending him to the US, and the US isn't involved with any of the legal maneuvering. There's a lot more direct stuff the US could be doing if they really wanted to get their hands on him. Leaking government secrets doesn't give you a license to commit lesser crimes, especially crimes against other people, under the guise of 'if you prosecute me, it means you're a tool of the government I leaked secrets from'.