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Originally Posted by Stoneburg View Post
I wouldn't want to be released into Swedish custody either on (assumedly) trumped up charges, considering that the Swedish government has already handed over people illegally for torture to the US.

Also, if I recall the story correctly, he's basically accused of tricking a woman into having unprotected sex by removing his condom during intercourse or something like that. I don't recall there being any violence involved.


a) Wikileaks did an awesome job and jerk or not, Assange is a hero.
b) He might be guilty of some sexual shenanigans, probably nothing too serious.
c) Whether he is or is not, he's smart to stay the hell away from Sweden considering our record
It's because Assange is a postmodern who is the on the 69th suprasexual level according to the Inturdgral theory something something where giving a middle finger to the US government outweighs rape and the rest of us are silly moderns and premoderns who actually raise a fuss over that crime, amirite?

It's a pity that Assange-sex criminal and traitor to the West-hasn't yet to be reduced to a smoking hole in the ground on the orders of the President. Hopefully at the least, eugenics legislation in Sweden will be briefly revived to ensure his sterilization and chemical castration.

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