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Originally Posted by Pantastic View Post
Yeah, he did something that you think was heroic, so he gets a free pass to abuse women. I'm sure you wouldn't dismiss all allegations of nonconsentual sex, just those against someone you like. And going for the 'well, the crime isn't technically classed as rape but as a type of sexual assault' for the defense pretty much speaks for itself.
Well I am sure that makes sense for the little character you have invented in your mind to represent me, unfortunately I am a bit more complex than that. For example my brain does not limit me to only two options where one is "ALL GOOD!!" and the other is "ALL BAD!!".

I don't see the fascination with making up stories about what other people believe. This is an internet message board, so you can actually FIND OUT, meaning you don't have to make things up. But if you'd rather have the conversation with a made up person in your own head, I won't stop you. Hope you two have fun.

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