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Let's ask the question again.

Assume that all four major networks are owned by African-Americans. And 95% of the shows on these four networks are completely starring African-Americans, with occasionally a white American showing up for a cameo. A few shows exist with a white actor as the star, but that's a single show (The MacBernie Show). Everywhere else, a sea of African-American actors; and the two most popular shows of the last ten years- Friends in the Hizouse and Shabozzfeld- never had a recurring white character.

Now, someone stars up White Entertainment Television as a way of showcasing white talent that seems to be conspicuously absent from the major networks. Is that offensive?

Quite frankly, as a conservative, I say more power to BET. If they're turning a profit, then they're appealing to a segment of the population that feel marginalized. And hopefully that will spur the major networks to show more diversity in an attempt to steal market share from BET.